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Health Packages

Arthritis Profile
Rs. 4,000 Onwards
Basic Metabolic Profile
Rs. 1,930 Onwards
COVID-19 Screening
Rs. 17,150 Onwards
Diabetic Profile
Rs. 2,340 Onwards
Female Fertility
Rs. 4,650 Onwards
Healthy Bones Profile
Rs. 3,290 Onwards
Healthy Heart screening
Rs. 5,080 Onwards
Iron Deficiency Anemia Profile
Rs. 3,140 Onwards
Junior Health Screening
Rs. 4,600 Onwards
Kidney Screening (RFT)
Rs. 2,560 Onwards
Liver or Hepatitis Screening
Rs. 3,050 Onwards
Macrocytic Anemia Profile
Rs. 4,090 Onwards
Male Fertility
Rs. 2,480 Onwards
Obsteric (Prenatal Profile)
Rs. 5,520 Onwards
Routine Health Screening
Rs. 4,070 Onwards
Screening For Fever
Rs. 5,430 Onwards
Senior Citizen Screening (Above 50)
Rs. 10,660 Onwards
Thyroid Profile-1
Rs. 2,625 Onwards
Thyroid Profile-2
Rs. 2,550 Onwards
Vitamins Deficiency Screening
Rs. 6,460 Onwards

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