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Top-Selling Healthcare Products:
nido bunyad 900g 1S, glucerna powder 400GM VANL 1S,  pediasure tripple 400GM CHOC, ensure powder 400GM CHOC 1S, BF-1 infant formula 400 GM, pediasure tripple 400GM STRB, pediasure tripple 400GM VANL, ensure powder 400GM VANL 1Sglucerna powder 400gm vanillaensure powder 400gm strawberryglucerna powder 400gm chocolate,  ensure powder 850gm vanillasurbex-z tablets 30shopderis milk powder 1s 400mg

Top-Selling Medicines:

humulin70/30 inj 100IU 10MLIVF-C 5000IU injection 1Sduphaston tablets 10 MG 2X10Satem nebuliser SOLN 0.025%mixtard 30HM PEN 100IU 3ML 1Sarinac tab forte 400MG 100Sruling capsule 40 MG 14Srisek capsule 20 MG 2X7Smerocon 1GM injection 1S merocon 500mg injection 1 vial, ruling 40mg iv injection 1 vialivf-c 5000iu injection 1 vialmerocon 1gm injection 1 vialolithic sachet 10sdayline 1gm iv injection 1 vialpanadol 500mg tablets 200s, Brufen DS

Top-Selling Items:
nido bunyad 900G 1Spanadol 500MG tablet 200Sensure powder 400GM VANL 1Sglucerna powder 400GM VANL 1Shumulin70/30 INJ 100IU 10MLduphaston tablets 10 MG 2X10Spediasure tripple 400GM CHOCmerocon 500MG injection 1Spediasure tripple 400GM VANL, Fexet

Top-Searched Healthcare Brands
Abbot nutritionNestle PakistanGSK Consumer HealthcareMorinagaMeiji, HOP Pharma, Reckitt Benckiser Pak Ltd., Mead JohnsonNuzzer PharmaNutrazone Healthcarehigh-q internationalGetz PharmaAbbott LaboratoriesGSK, Hilton PharmaPFIZERS.J.&GSanofi-aventis, nutrifactor

COVID-19 Preventatives:
COVID-19 PCR, Face mask china 50's, Face mask national 50's, Face mask sur children 50's, Hiclean sanitizer refil 1lit,Hiclean sanitizer(lemon)1000ml, Hiclean sanit. lemon 600ml 1's, Hiclean sani. 600ml odorless, Hiclean sanitizer 50ml 1's, Hiclean sanit.600ml vanila, Face mask first choice 1's

Meri Pharmacy
Your Journey to Better Health Begins Here
We are a 24/7 online and retail pharmacy that delivers across Pakistan
Our Retail Pharmacies are Currently Located in these Neighborhoods:

Aisha’s Health Vision Hospital

Bahadurabad – Siraj-ud-Daula Rd

Compounding – Amir Khusro Rd

Dhoraji – Amir Khusro Rd

Defence – Phase 2

Defence - Phase 4

Defence – Phase 6

Gulshan – Block 16

Gulshan – Block 4

Gulzar-e-Hijri – Scheme 33

Gulzar-e-Hijri – Abul Isphahani Rd

Gulzar-e-Hijri – Kiran Hospital Rd

Malir – Saudabad

PECHS – Block 6

Tahir Medical Center

Say Goodbye to All Your Healthcare Worries With Meri Pharmacy!
Meri Pharmacy is here to take care of you. We are amongst Pakistan’s first hybrid pharmacy platforms that enable you to order pharmaceutical and healthcare products online by connecting you to your nearest Meri Pharmacy outlet and delivering to your doorstep, within 4 hours!

How Are We Making Lives Simpler with Our Medical Store?
Our doorstep delivery service is available around the clock. Our website also allows you to choose from thousands of medicines, healthcare products, compounded medicines and variety of services. We are a one-stop online medical platform where you can get medicines at an affordable cost, right from the comfort of your home.

Why Are We The Most Preferred Local Pharmacy?
Lucrative offers and discounts on our platform make every purchase worthwhile. You can choose to pay cash or by any bank card on delivery, as we deliver our products (and services) at your doorstep. We cater to all your pharmaceutical needs and make ordering medicines online a hassle-free experience for you. We only retail DRAP approved medicines and hire certified registered pharmacists to dispense them at our pharmacies.

Sit Back & Relax While You Get Your Essentials Delivered Every Month!
It’s tough to remember to refill every month, especially in the case of chronic diseases. Our subscription service not only ensures that you are reminded of your refills but also makes sure that you are never out on your medical essentials. Simply contact us with your requirements and you will get a reminder every month and we will be deliver at your convenience!

We Believe in ‘Simplifying Healthcare for every Pakistani.’

Add Meri Pharmacy App

To place your orders quicker add our app to your mobile:

  • Step 1: Tap the browser menu icon Menu Icon or
  • Step 2: Tap Add to Home screen in the menu
  • Step 3: Click on Add